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Community Center Improvements

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Community Center

Project Name: Community Center General Improvements - Phase III
CIP Number: 15-650
Project Lead:  Ells Freeman, Public Works Superintendent

Project Description

Phase III of the Community Center General Improvements Project consists of:

  • Painting of all exterior surfaces, doors and minor repairs/architectural work, remediation of exterior lead-based paint areas as required;
  • Painting of all interior surfaces; includes all interior classrooms and hallways; restrooms, Senior Activity Center, any exposed conduit and offices as well as moldings, handrails and door frames; excludes storage rooms, 2nd Story Theater, Community Theater and the gymnasium;
  • Review/Replace HVAC system in Theater (or components as needed); and
  • Resurface all Community Center tennis courts.

Project Status

Planning Conceptual Design  Engineering Design   Design Approval  Under Construction  Complete

Project Updates
  • The project to replace windows and paint the exterior portion of the Community Center was added as a capital improvement project beginning in the FY 2016-17 budget. 
  • The Hermosa Beach Community Center is a historical landmark and additional care related to the treatment of paint and windows was required. After receiving informal quotes for the windows and consulting with the City’s Historical Consultant, staff determined that the windows could not be replaced because of the window's significance as a character-defining feature of the buildng. At that time, staff was also informed that the building needed to be restored to the original colors in order to preserve the buildings historical significance. The evaluation of original colors was presented to Public Works Commission for review during its May 17, 2017 meeting.
  • In September 2018, the Hermosa Beach City Council awarded a contract to TL Veterans Painting Inc in the amount of $129,000 to complete the interior and exterior painting upgrade portions of this project. 
  • Interior and exterior painting work will begin the week of November 5, 2018 and is expected to be completed in January 2019. Work on the exterior will begin with prep work (washing, scraping, patching) before moving on to painting. Some portions of the painting will use scaffolding and some will use a boom-truck, depending on the location. Once the exterior painting is complete, the contractor will paint the interior of the facility.
How will the project impact activities?
Parking at and the daily operations of the community center is not expected to be impacted during construction. 

Additional Project Information and Updates
For more information on the project, or to review the latest construction updates please check back to this page or follow the City of Hermosa Beach on Facebook. Questions or concerns during the painting should be directed to Ells Freeman, Public Works Superintendent.