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City Yard CNG Fueling Station

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CNG Fueling Station

City of Hermosa Beach Installs CNG Fueling Facility

The City recently installed a slow-fill compressed natural gas (CNG) station and sound-proof enclosure at the Public Works Yard located at 555 6th Street, Hermosa Beach. The City currently has 5 medium-duty Public Works vehicles that were converted from gasoline to CNG. The project includes the addition of 2 slow-fill hoses for overnight fueling of City’s Public Works CNG vehicles.

The CNG fueling station will reduce fuel costs and improve operational efficiencies, and the sound-proof enclosure will provide shelter from the inclement weather including rain and heat and reduce noise impacts to surrounding residents.

The projects was paid for with $36,000 in grant funding from the Clean Transportation FundingTM from the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC), a committee of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).

The City of Hermosa Beach contributed $36,029 in regional formula funds the City receives annually from the Assembly Bill 2766 Motor Vehicle Subvention Program (AB 2766).

The Subvention Program receives its funding from a $6 motor vehicle registration fee surcharge. Local governments receive 40 percent of these funds and must use the money to implement programs that reduce air pollution from motor vehicles.

The City of Hermosa Beach is committed to implementing the City’s Clean Fleet Vehicle Purchasing Policy to reduce vehicle emissions from its fleet. CNG is a fuel that burns cleaner and is less expensive than either gasoline or diesel fuel, with 20-30 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and 95 percent fewer tailpipe emissions than petroleum-based fuels.