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Low Impact Development

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The City of Hermosa Beach is small in geographic area, comprising 1.4 square miles. Accordingly, it is reasonable to simplify the determination of the storm water quality design volume for new development and redevelopment projects by adopting a single design storm depth applicable to all project sites within the city while meeting the intent of the Municipal NPDES Permit. 
To simplify regulatory requirements and streamline the project review process, the City of Hermosa Beach has determined to define the storm water quality design volume as the runoff from the 0.8 inch, twenty-four (24) hour rain event for all new development and redevelopment projects subject to low impact development requirements of Section 8.44.095. (Ord. 15-1351 §1 (part), 2015: Ord. 02-1224U §1, 2002.) The Storm Water Low Impact Development Guide provides technical information to assist in the implementation of the New Development and Redevelopment Standards in Los Angeles County.

The property owner will complete, sign and submit a Covenant & Agreement Regarding the maintenance of Low Impact Development – Best Management Practices (LID BMP’s) and the Owner’s Certification Statement for LID BMP’s  in order to affirm the understanding that it is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain and operate the implemented LID improvements even after developmental construction has been completed.
Keep it On Site - Stormwater Best Practices