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The Hermosa Beach Police Department is committed to working with the federal, state, and other local law enforcement agencies to prevent acts of terrorism within the city of Hermosa Beach, the County of Los Angeles and the State of California.

The Hermosa Beach Police Department has a Police Officer who, in addition to normal patrol duties, acts as a Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) and works with the local Anti-Terrorist Information Center, the California Department of Justice, and the Federal Counter Terrorism Information Network (Department of Homeland Security) in order to continue in the fight against terrorism.

Our city is faced with a new kind of threat in the 21st century that requires us to be vigilant within our communities. The mission of the Hermosa Beach Police Department is to protect the citizens and critical infrastructures within the city of Hermosa Beach and surrounding cities. We are working together to enhance and filter intelligence, promote domestic preparedness within our communities, encourage the sharing of information to prevent suspicious activity, and to promote terrorism awareness.

Hermosa Beach Police Department is establishing and maintaining an “all-crimes approach” to the prevention of terrorism. The fight against terrorism is a true cross-jurisdictional partnership, integrating local, state, and federal responder, emergency management and, when appropriate, the private sector. The Hermosa Beach Police Department is working on writing policies and procedures for conducting intelligence investigations, as well as for the Terrorism Liaison Officer program.

If you have any information about suspicious persons or circumstances that may be related to terrorism in the City of Hermosa Beach, call Terrorism Liaison Officer Jonathan Cruz, Hermosa Beach Police Department @ 310-318-0360 or email at For any emergencies or crimes in progress call 9-1-1. Your identity can be kept confidential.

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