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The Hermosa Beach City Jail offers a “Pay-to-Stay” Program for qualified men and women who have been sentenced to serve time in jail.

The “Pay-to-Stay” Program offers an alternative to serving time in the Los Angeles County Jail. With the approval of the sentencing magistrate, men and women can serve their jail sentence in our clean and efficiently operated jail facility. Program participants will be housed in separate sleeping quarters from all other inmates and will have access to showers and inmate phones as time and jail staffing allows. Males and females will be housed separately.

Participants in this program can serve their sentences consecutively or a little at a time. A City fee of $273.00 per 24-hour period is due PRIOR to the first day of a commitment period. Individuals wishing to participate in the “Pay-to-Stay” Program must undergo a prescreening for suitability review in order to ensure that all of the established conditions of the program are met.

Participants must meet the following mandatory conditions:

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the following documents are received by the Hermosa Beach Police Department Jail Division’s Supervisor and/or Lead Police Service Officer at the Hermosa Beach Police Records Department, 540 Pier Ave., Hermosa Beach, CA 90254, or by email at:, prior to the first date of commitment. You may also contact them by telephone at 310-318-0360.

1. Payment of $273.00 per 24-hr period must be paid in full PRIOR to the first day of the participants scheduled commitment period. All payments must be made in cash or with a credit card, to the City of Hermosa Beach Finance Department, open Monday – Thursday (excluding Holidays), 7 am to 6 pm. If you are unable to procure payment prior to your first date of commitment, please contact the Hermosa Beach Jail and other arraignments can be made on a case-by-case basis.

2. Participants that fail to keep their scheduled commitment date and do not serve their sentence will forfeit any paid fees. If they desire to reschedule, new fees will be required. If the sentence is not completed as ordered, the Court will be duly notified.

3. Must have verification of a recent Tuberculosis (TB) Screening test with negative results.

4. Return of this form signed by the applicant.

5. Court Commitment Order – Specifying number of days to be served and articulation that the sentence can be served at the Hermosa Beach City Jail.

6. Participants are expected to report at the time agreed upon by the “Pay-to-Stay” Program Coordinator and/or Jail Supervisor and be prepared to stay the full term of the commitment. A picture I.D. will be required at the time of commitment.

7. Participants must obey all laws and jail facility rules and regulations during their incarceration in the Hermosa Beach City Jail.

8. Participants are not allowed to leave the Hermosa Beach Police Department Property while serving their sentence unless accompanied by a Police Officer or Correctional Officer. Leaving the premises unaccompanied and without authorization is a violation of Section 4532 of the California Penal Code (Escape from Custody).

9. All articles of personal hygiene: soap, toothbrush and towels will be furnished to you. Participants may bring the following items:

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes (no baseball caps or belts)
  • One additional clean t-shirt
  • One additional clean pair of socks
  • One change of underwear
  • Photo identification
  • One book or bible
  • NO jewelry or electronics are allowed
  • All other items will be considered contraband and may result in the immediate removal from the program.

10. Any injury or illness will be reported to the Hermosa Beach Jail Staff immediately.

11. Verification for time served will be provided at the conclusion of your commitment. It is your responsibility to retain and show proof of completion to the Court.

12. The Hermosa Beach City Jail cannot accommodate persons with medical problems requiring the administration of medication.

If you have additional questions regarding Hermosa Beach Police Department’s “Pay-to-Stay” Program, please contact the Jail Supervisor and/or Lead Police Service Officer at Hermosa Beach Police Records Department, 310-318-0360, or by e-mail at: