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dogs by statue

Dog Licenses

All dogs are required to have a City dog license. Dog Licenses are renewed annually every September. Over the counter sales begin the third week of September. 

New Dogs to Town

Dogs new to town must have a dog license within 30 days of moving to town or a penalty may apply.  Puppies have 30 days from their first rabies shot (usually at 4 months) to get a dog license or a penalty may apply.


Hermosa Beach dog licenses are renewed every September.  Over the counter sales begin the third week of September.  You must purchase your dog's license before October 31 or a 50% penalty will be added to the cost of the license. Hermosa Beach provides a Rabies Clinic at Clark Field every year on the first Thursday in October. Rabies shots are provided at the clinic free of charge and Hermosa Beach dog licenses may be purchased at the same time.

Dog License Fees and Required Documentation 

Dog Licenses are $89 for non-neutered/non-spayed dogs; $21 for neutered/spayed dogs (proof of sterility required) during the licensing period (September to October 31) HBMC Section 6.08.080. Licenses are prorated to half price on April 1st.

In order to purchase a license, you must provide proof of rabies vaccination by a licensed veterinarian. The vaccination must be good through the entire licensing year *(until Sept. 30)*. If the rabies vaccination is not valid through the license period, please call (310) 318-0251 or (310) 318-0217. A grace period is given for renewals until October 31 without penalty.

Senior Citizens’ (60 years old or over, proof of age required. The fee is $44 for non-neutered/non-spayed dogs and $10 for neutered/spayed dogs.

Service dogs may obtain a City dog license at no cost if proof of certification of Service dog is provided.

Replacement for lost tags may be purchased for $6.00.

Online Dog License Purchase and Renewal 

Good News! Dog licenses may now be purchased and renewed online (online fees of $2-$6 per license  apply). Over the counter sales begin the third week of September. You must purchase your dog's license before October 31 or a 50% penalty will be added to the cost of the license. 

Purchase and Renewal - In Person or By Mail

Dog licenses may be purchased in person at the Finance Cashier office located at City Hall, 1315 Valley Drive, Room 101, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254, Mon-Thurs 7am-6pm, or by mail at the same address.  Forms may also be faxed to 310-937-5959 or emailed to .

Cat Licenses (Voluntary) 

Cat Licenses are $30 for non-neutered/non-spayed cats; $12 for neutered/spayed cats (proof of sterility required).

Replacement for lost tags may be purchased for $6.00.

There is no charge to change a cat owner's address. 

To change the owner of record, the fee is $30 for non-neutered/non-spayed cats; $12 for neutered / spayed cats.

Household Pets Permit (More Than Two)

Dogs, cats, canaries, parrots and other similar animals and birds usually and ordinarily kept as household pets. Keeping or maintaining more than two household pets at any residential dwelling requires a permit. 

Non-Household Animal Permit

Horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, pigeons, chickens, pheasants, guinea hens, ducks, geese, turkeys and any other domestic, domesticated, exotic or wild animal, bird, poultry, fowl, reptile, and bees or other insects, other than those usually and ordinarily kept as household pets. Keeping or maintaining one or more non-household animals within the City requires a permit.


For further information call (310) 318-0217 or (310) 318-0251. Additional information may also be found in the City of Hermosa Beach Municipal Code.

Animal Control Services 

If you would like to report a lost dog or stray animal or are having trouble with loud animals, please contact our non-emergency police dispatch line at (310) 524-2750.  For more on animal control services, please visit the Hermosa Beach Police Department's Animal Control webpage.