COVID-19: The City of Hermosa Beach is operating under LA County Public Health SAFER AT HOME ORDER currently in effect, with some limited re-openings. The beach re-opened for individual active use beginning Wednesday May 13. Find response and recovery information from the City of Hermosa Beach at and sign up to receive updates.

The Community Development Department is involved in many aspects of community development and improvement and city governance.

City of Hermosa Beach General Plan/Coastal Land Use Plan (PLAN Hermosa):

The City of Hermosa Beach recently completed updates to the General Plan including the Coastal Land Use Plan, as required by law. It is intended to serve as a blueprint for future development. Below are links to the relevant documents: 

On-Sale Alcohol Establishments with Conditional Use Permits

Summaries of all on-sale alcohol establishments (updated 10-24-19)

Historical Resources:

Protecting the integrity of historic resources in Hermosa Beach is one way the community can distinguish itself from ‘everywhere USA.’ The City's historic resources preservation program encourages protection of historically significant structures or sites:       Historic Resources      Resources Map

Housing Programs:
The City's General Plan Housing Element provides an overview and guides housing programs development, emphasizing affordable and special needs housing, removal of governmental constraints to housing development, and equal access to housing. The Housing Element must be updated periodically on a schedule set forth by state law.

  • General Plan Housing Element (adopted)  
  • Hermosa Beach Housing Sites inventory: This inventory identifies sites that may be appropriate for development of housing. The sites inventory does not limit redevelopment of other sites. Sites Inventory, 2009
  • The City has adopted a Reasonable Accommodation for Disability Ordinance.

The City does not manage Section 8 or other affordable housing.  Contact the Community Development Commission/Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles.