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Applications, Forms & Handouts

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Commonly used applications, forms and handouts, as well as maps, are provided below.
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Due to the LA County Public Health Orders the City of Hermosa Beach has implemented a temporary permit for Outdoor Dining and Retail display.  This will allow you to temporarily extend your Outdoor Dining/Retail Display into the adjacent sidewalk or parking lot. If you’re interested, submit the attached applications and site plan to the Community Development Department at

* Temporary Outdoor Dining Retail Permit Application *
Temporary Commercial Outdoor Dining/Retail Encroachment Permit Application

Emergency Executive Order No. 2020-05 

When you submit the temporary outdoor permit application we will reach out to schedule a site visit. If you’re on Public Property the application will be forwarded to the Public Works Department for review, which is a 5 to 10 day turnaround.

Submit a complete package of the following:

  1. Community Development Outdoor Dining and Retail Permit (1-2 day turnaround) – Cost is $166.00
  2. Site Plan (furniture must be displayed in the design plan following Protocols for Restaurants - Appendix I   or Protocols for Retail - Appendix B )

All applicants must complete the following if you intend to utilize the Public Right of Way – Cost is additional $300.00 (Total $466.00)

(Including businesses who have an existing Encroachment Permit on file)

     3. Temporary Commercial Encroachment Permit

     4. Certificate of Insurance - naming the City of Hermosa Beach as additional insured

     5. California All-Purpose Acknowledgement agreement, including notarized signature


Concurrent Civil Engineering Sheet and LID Application Submittal Requirement
Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance Summary
Accessory Dwelling Unit Survey

Complaint Form


(Submit all Building Applications to )

Application Forms:
Building Permit
Electrical Permit
Mechanical Permit
Plumbing Permit
Permit Extension Application
Sign Permit (Permanent)
Sign Permit (Temporary)
Residential Building Report
Address Request
Occupant Load Review
Board of Appeal Application and Procedure 
Credit Card Authorization Form

Permit Process:
When Do I Need a Permit?
Plan Check Checklists:
  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Tenant Improvement
Construction Inspection Process
Building Permit Fees
How Much Will My Building Permit Cost?

New Shoring Plan Submittal Requirements
Assumption of Risk and Release
Authorization to Pull Permit
Civil Sheet (C-Sheet) Plan Submittal Checklist (Public Works)
Commercial Property Owner Authorization
Construction Hours/Rules and Holiday Schedule
Demolition Permits Checklist Packet
Demolition Permit Waiver
Exemption From Mandatory Refuse Collection Service
Building Fee Schedule
Fence Permit Plot Plan
How to do Solar Energy Systems (Photovoltaic) in Hermosa Beach
OC-1 Form
Pedestrian Protection Plan
Plan Submittal Package
Policy for No-Fee Residential Electrical Permits for Electric Vehicles
Pre-Demolition Meeting Procedures
Protection of Private Property During Construction
Request for Copy of Plans
Sandblasting Notice
School Facility Fees
Sewer Connection Fee (L. A. County)
Smoke Detectors
Structural Observation Report Form
Subcontractors List
Waste Recycling Plan
Waste Recycling Report

(Submit Planning applications to )

Application Forms:
Plan Review Submittal Coversheet
Planning Application
Business License Form for Restaurants with Beer and Wine until 10:00 p.m.
Commercial Business License Application
Historic Landmark Nomination Form
Home Occupation Business License Application
Limited Outdoor Seating
Limited Live Entertainment Application
Temporary Minor Special Event Application
Temporary Minor Special Event - Modification to Event Dates
Portable A-Frame Sign Permit
Short-Term Vacation Rental (STVR) Application
Preliminary Application Checklist (SB 330) for Housing Development Projects


Application Information:
SB 330 Residential Project Flowchart
Planning Commission 2020 Meeting Schedule
Environmental Information Form
Final Map
Lot Line Adjustment-Cert of Compliance
Plan Submittal Requirements for Residential and Commercial Projects
Plan Submittal Acceptance Checklist for SFRs, Additions and Commercial
Plan Submittal Acceptance Checklist for Condominium Projects
Sign Variance
Slope/Grade Height Determination
Zoning/Planning Review Checklist for Completeness

Business License Frequently Asked Questions
Final Planning Inspection Checklist - Condo
Income Certification Form
Planning Fee Schedule
Height Requirement & Calculating Height
Height Calculations (Excel)
Nonconforming Residential Buildings and Uses
Parking Standards
Plan Check Review Flowchart
Plan Submittal-Driveway Slope
Residential Zoning Requirements Summary
Summary of Regulations for Outdoor Dining in Hermosa Beach
Tattoo/Body Piercing Regulations-Frequently Asked Questions

Zoning Map (updated February 2020)
General Plan Map
Hermosa Beach Corridors and Assets