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Winter Storm Preparedness

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Storm Ready Flyer

Need Sandbags?
  • Sandbags are available for residents with valid ID at The City Yard (555 6th Street), which is open Mon. through Thurs., 7AM – 5PM, Fri. 7AM - 3:30PM.

Sandbag stacking instructions:


El Niño/Winter Weather Preparedness Community Meeting

El Nino Community Meeting

The evening of December 15, the National Weather Service and representatives from the City's Public Works, Police and Fire Departments hosted a community meeting to inform residents on preparations and

 expectations for this winter's El Niño driven storms. If you missed it, you may view the PowerPoint presentation by clicking here or view a recording of the meeting by clicking here (skip 4 minutes into the video for the start of the meeting).

What to Expect During the El Niño Season


Venice Pier, El Niño, 2010

Every two to seven years, trade winds shift and sea surface temperatures warm in the Pacific, creating the meteorological event known as El Niño. As conditions change, they trigger a domino effect of disruptive weather patterns worldwide. This causes warm ocean water on the west to be pushed further east across the ocean, which brings heavy rainfall and higher ocean swells with it.
The two most active El Niño years on record (since 1950) were 1982-83 and 1997-98. During ’97, El Niño-related weather killed approximately 23,000 people and cost as much as 45 billion dollars in damages. Scientists predict that this El Niño season had the potential to be one of the three worst in history since the ‘50s.
Storm preparation is key to keeping your family, house and other belongings safe this El Niño season. Additionally, the City has committed to coordinate city-wide phone notifications when a potentially severe storm is approaching. We hope our tips and winter weather suggestions will assist you as we prep for the upcoming season.

Preparing for Winter Storms


  • Clean rain gutters of leaves and debris. Continue to do this throughout the winter after stormy weather
  • Trim your trees: make sure they do not hang over any power lines or have the potential to damage your house and/or car and garage due to the heavy weight of the branches
  • Stock up on flashlights and spare batteries for your home
  • Keep cell phones charged 
  • Keep your gas tank above half a tank
  • Reduce flooding with sandbags: they are free and available for pick up at the Hermosa Beach City Yard
  • Be informed. Sign up for Nixle so you are aware of any flooding or road closures
  • Be Informed. Visit and talk to your insurance agent about National Flood Insurance Program
  • Purchase or create an emergency kit. You should have food and water for your family for a minimum of 10 days. If you have pets, be sure to stock up on food for them as well. Other emergency items should include a first aid kit, a radio and batteries, necessary prescriptions, cash and important ID items, tools, and clothing for rainy winter weather conditions (I.e. rain jackets, boots, umbrellas, etc.)

Staying Safe During a Stormdon't drown

  • NEVER touch a downed power line. Call 9-1-1 to report the issue
  • Do not cross flooded streets
  • Do not drive into flood waters
  • Keep away from windows or other fragile items around the house, especially during heavy wind storm
  • If your house becomes flooded, be sure to remove all wet materials post storm. The rain waters could contain chemicals that can harm your family and your pets
  • Photograph storm- damaged property and note the date of the storm that caused the damage and the date any items were removed or thrown out
  • If you hire anyone to repair or remove storm damaged property, save your receipts
  • Report fallen trees or other debris/flooding/road blockage or hazards by calling 9-1-1
  • Use caution when driving in rain. Roads can become slick in wet weather. If trapped in your vehicle during a flood, stay in your car if possible. If needed, climb to your hood if waters rise too high

 Police Department: 310-310-0360
 Public Works: 310-318-0214
 Other Emergencies: 9-1-1


Additional Resources

1. Sign up for Nixle (sign-up box above this section) – the City’s Emergency Updates and Tips Resource: receive up-to-the-minute news regarding storms, ocean swells, beach closures, flooding, etc.

2. Text keyword: ELNINO2016 to 888777 for winter weather alerts and advisories.

3. Pick up sandbags at Hermosa’s City Yard to prepare for heavy rains

4. LA County has a site created for El Niño preparedness available here

5. Visit to learn about the National Flood Insurance Program