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Community Advisory Groups

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The City Manager may create informal community advisory groups to assist staff with specific issues and projects.  For more information on meetings, participation and activities, please contact the staff liaison(s) listed for each group below.

Access Hermosa Working Group 

Meetings: First Wednesday of each month at 5:00 p.m.

Purpose:  The group’s mission statement is to increase accessibility in all city venues: buildings, recreational areas, public right-of-way; all public places for all persons, regardless of their physical challenges or disability; to engage with local government to ensure that the municipal code has the necessary provisions for compliance to accessibility as it pertains to new construction; to perform community outreach in order to increase awareness of accessibility; and to engage those in the private sector to increase accessibility through outreach and education.

Staff Liaison:

Group Members:

  • Al Benson
  • Barbara Ellman
  • Andrea Giancoli
  • Geoff Hirsch
  • Kerianne Lawson
  • Isabel Rodriguez
  • Beth Rohrer
  • Rob Saemann

Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) 

Meetings:  2nd Thursday of each month

Mission Statement:  The Hermosa Beach Police Department "Community Police Advisory Board" provides community members with an opportunity to advise and inform the HBPD on quality of life issues and public safety concerns of the community and to take important information from the HBPD back to the community at large.  The CPAB is a problem-solving group predicated on transparency and on the philosophy of informed and engaged community government.  Members of the CPAB represent the diversity of the community, including residents, businesses, and government, civic and religious organizations.

 Staff Liaison: Interim Police Chief Michael McCrary, Hermosa Beach Police Department (Co-Chair) 

Group Members:

  • Sheryl Main (Co-Chair)
  • Claudia Berman
  • Pat Escalante
  • Dave Lowe
  • Rachel Nyback
  • Marie Rice
  • Jed Sanford
  • George Schmeltzer
  • Janice Webb

Emergency Preparedness Advisory Board

Meetings:  Monthly

Purpose:  The Emergency Preparedness Advisory Board's goal is to work in concert with City staff to take a whole community approach to community emergency preparedness. The board works to promote community readiness (e.g. shelter-in-place/evacuation procedures, preparation of emergency preparedness kits/go-bags, networking for households with elderly or disabled individuals and/or pets, and training/involvement opportunities - first aid/CPR, Hermosa Beach Community Emergency Response Team, etc.).

Staff Liaison:  Brandy Villanueva, Emergency Management Coordinator

Group Members

  •  Lisa Beach, Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce & Kiwanis
  • Alan Benson, Community Member
  • Dave Buckland, HB VIP & HbCERT
  • Bill Hallet, Community Member
  • Jeff Raedy, Renters Association
  • Ted Scott, Hermosa Beach School District
  • Nick Shattuck, City of Hermosa Beach Parks & Recreation
  • Nadine Skye-Davis, South Bay Animal Response Team
  • Megan Vixie, Beach Cities Health District

Library Advisory Group

Meetings:  as needed 

Purpose:  This group provides advice and input on the Hermosa Beach Library, managed by Los Angeles County, located at 550 Pier Avenue, and includes members of a variety of community organizations, interest groups, and residents. To assist in a Library Needs Assessment study to prepare for library renovation or new construction, the group compiled library and programming information and coordinated outreach and different platforms for collecting input including online surveys, workshops/town halls and focus groups.

Staff Liaisons: 

Group Members:

  • Jan Brittain
  • Jeff Duclos
  • Pat Escalante
  • Rick Learned
  • Moira Nelson
  • Jody Leventhal
  • Carolyn Petty
  • Marie Rice
  • Sharon Rosenberger
  • Howard Seeb
  • Erica Stetson
  • Monica Vance

North School Neighborhood Transportation Management Plan Stakeholder Group

Meetings: Monthly as needed

Purpose: The City and School District entered into a Memorandum of Understanding in early 2019 to improve pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic around North School through the development of a Neighborhood Transportation Management Plan. As part of the Memorandum of Understanding, the City and District agreed to form a stakeholder group that would be created to share information and gather public input on relevant topics including: peak traffic conditions, speed, safety, sight distance, anticipated and proposed student loading, and parent or resident concerns that might deter walking and biking to school or use of certain routes to/from the project.

Staff Liaison: Leeanne Singleton, Environmental Analyst

Group Members: 

  • Lucy Brining
  • Scott Davey
  • Robert Fortunato
  • Melyssa Guerry
  • Sam Kuhr
  • Steve Moseley
  • Steve Mullins
  • Nikki Nance
  • Steve Peterson
  • Christine Shultz
  • Ralph Spargo
  • Peter Spragg

Learn more about the North School Neighborhood Transportation Management Plan Project