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Right Of Way Permit Application

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While City Hall is closed to the public, the Public Works Department is accepting online Right of Way Permit Applications. Permits will only be issued during regular operating hours, Mon-Thurs 7 am to 6 pm.

Steps to Obtain a Right of Way Permit

  1. Complete the Public ROW Permit Application Packet 
    • The application packet can be filled out electronically. If filling out electronically, make sure all inputs are all saved before submitting.
    • Complete the Notice of Street Closure or Notice of Lane Closure if applicable.
    • Please note, if you check multiple permit types, you will be charged for each permit type selected.
  2. Before submitting your application, make sure all requirements pertaining to the type of permit being requested have been checked off. Your application will not be processed until all required documents are received.
  3. Email the COMPLETED Public ROW Permit Application with ALL required documents to the following emails based on permit type: 
  4. You will receive notification the Public Works department has received your permit request and will begin processing your request.
  5. When your permit request has been processed and reviewed, you will receive a request for payment, with an invoice detailing the cost of the permit and a credit card authorization form. Once a completed credit card authorization is returned, payment will be processed, and you will be emailed a copy of your permit and receipt of payment.
  6. You will be required to print out hard copies of your permit to be posted at the location of the work.
  7. Use the Go Hermosa App to schedule all necessary inspections to complete your work

Please note, your application will not be considered until all necessary forms are completed and all request documents are received. In order to ensure the requested permit is issued when requested, please submit the ROW Permit Application a minimum of 1-2 weeks prior to your work commencement.

Permits will not be issued until payment is received.

Please send questions or inquiries to: