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Hermosa Beach Police Department Reserve Unit

Reserve Police Officers are citizen volunteers who serve the community through a devotion of valuable time and effort toward a common goal:  creating a safer community.  Most Reserves have satisfying civilian jobs and simply wish to do police work as a way of serving their community.  A Reserve candidate may or may not be interested in becoming a full-time Police Officer. If they are, good consideration is given to the applicant who has devoted his/her time and served the community as a Reserve. Reserve Police Officers wear the same uniform and essentially perform the same duties as regular Police Officers, but on a part-time, volunteer basis. A Reserve Police Officer must be able to perform the essential functions of that position.

In Hermosa Beach, Reserve Police Officers are typically partnered with a Field Training Officer and are evaluated on a continuing basis. Reserve Officers are on call for emergency situations where additional manpower is necessary. In addition to emergency use, Reserves can be used for general law enforcement duties, transportation of prisoners, priority patrol projects and assistance with special events (i.e. Fiesta Hermosa, St. Patrick’s Parade, 4th of July).  All duties can be performed on a day-to-day basis, or scheduled in advance. The day-to-day exposure in general law enforcement duties is designed to help a Reserve Officer become familiar with the daily operations of the department and to help the Reserve become competent in his or her ability to perform the job.

Prior to being appointed as a Reserve Police Officer with the Hermosa Beach Police Department, the Reserve must have successfully completed a police academy, acquiring the minimum POST (Peace Officers Standards and Training) requirements for the designated reserve level (I, II, or III) for which they are applying.  POST requirements and definitions of the designated levels can be found at