Project Summary

The City and School District entered into a Memorandum of Understanding in early 2019 to improve pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic around North School (417 25th Street) through the development of a Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan. 

Stakeholder Group

As part of the Memorandum of Understanding, the City and District agreed to form a stakeholder group that would be created to share information and gather public input on relevant topics including: peak traffic conditions, speed, safety, sight distance, anticipated and proposed student loading, and parent or resident concerns that might deter walking and biking to school or use of certain routes to/from the project.

Group Members: 

  • Lucy Brining
  • Scott Davey
  • Robert Fortunato
  • Melyssa Guerry
  • Sam Kuhr
  • Steve Moseley
  • Steve Mullins
  • Nikki Nance
  • Steve Peterson
  • Christine Shultz
  • Ralph Spargo
  • Peter Spragg

Project Schedule & Community Meetings

  • June 2019 - Project Kickoff
  • September 2019 - Stakeholder Meeting Kickoff 
  • Monday October 21, 2019: Community Workshop
  • Tuesday December 3, 2019: Community Workshop
  • January 2020: Draft Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan Released
  • March 2020: Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan Adopted + Implementation Begins
  • January 2021: North School Opens to Students

Project Documents & Files