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 prospect ave

Due to the prevalence of schools, public parks, and commercial businesses, the South Bay Bicycle Master Plan, adopted in 2011, included the designation of Prospect Ave as a proposed bicycle friendly street. Prospect Avenue includes two elementary schools (one public, one private) and connects to the two high schools located just outside of the city. In 2016, as part of the Mobility Element Update, the City collaborated with the School District to update the Safe Routes to School program. In addition to updating the route maps and identifying current gaps, this collaboration included a survey of school families to understand walk/bike to school patterns, barriers to greater rates of walking/biking, and interest in future walk and bike to school programs.

Implementation of this project would allow the City to test and evaluate the various traffic calming and bicycle enhancements proposed in the Bicycle Master Plan and the Safe Routes to School Program along this corridor. The potential solutions identified in these plans included: intersection crossing markings, bicycle detection at signals, curb extensions, high visibility crosswalks, traffic circles, increased landscaping, and additional street markings.

The development and implementation of the demonstration project will be led by a consulting team and supported by involvement from City staff and a community stakeholder group developed for this effort. 

Project Documents and Files