COVID-19: The City of Hermosa Beach is operating under LA County Public Health SAFER AT HOME ORDER currently in effect, with some limited re-openings. The beach re-opened for individual active use beginning Wednesday May 13. Find response and recovery information from the City of Hermosa Beach at and sign up to receive updates.

The City of Hermosa Beach offers a variety of parking permits--click each permit listing below to expand/contract eligibility information, how to apply, instructions, details and restrictions:

A.  Available to the General Public:

1. Contractor Permit - $34 per 30 day period
2. Daily Permit - $5 per day
3. Downtown Parking Lots A, B & C (Structure) - $62 per month (24-Hour Permit)
4. Downtown Parking Lots A, B & C (Structure) - $31 per month (Daily 5AM-7PM only)

B.  Available to Hermosa Beach Residents Only:

5. Driveway Permit - $170 one-time fee - good for term of ownership or lease
6. Oversized Vehicle Annual Registration ($44 per year) & Permits (no charge - limits apply)
7. Residential Permit - $40 per year (March to February)*
8. Temporary One-Day Event Permit - $1 each up to 5; 6 to 20 free

C.  Available to Hermosa Beach Business Owners / Employees Only:

9. Employee Permits - $143 per year (March to February)*

Parking Permit Display Instructions2021 parking permit_1

The permanent permit sticker (A) is valid only for the vehicle license registered to the resident and provided for verification at the time of purchase. Permanently affix the sticker* (using only the self-adhesive on the sticker) to the lower, right-hand, inside corner of the front windshield (passenger side). Do not laminate or use tape. 

Parking permit hanger clip artThe transferable permit (B) must hang from the inside rear-view mirror with the number facing out; it is not valid on the dash or taped to the window. Please lock your vehicle when using transferable permits.

Parking permit placement graphic - permanent permit stickers (A) are placed on the lower right-hand inside corner of the front windshield; transferable permit hangers (B) are hung from the rearview mirror with the number facing out (not valid on the dash or taped to the window)

 *REMOVE ANY PREVIOUS STICKERS OR VEHICLE IS SUBJECT TO CITATION.  For decal removal, the manufacturer’s representative suggests using window cleaning solvent. Spray the sticker with the window solvent, let stand approximately one minute and start at the corner to scrape off.