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Outdoor Fitness Permit

Outdoor Fitness Permits are issued by the Community Resources Department for instructors wishing to conduct instruction at a City park or beach per Municipal Code section 12.28.030.  Please contact (310) 318-0280 for additional details.

No person shall for compensation conduct physical fitness, sports, or athletic instruction or classes of any kind in a city park or on the beach without an outdoor fitness instruction permit or a contract class agreement. The community resources department is authorized to establish and promulgate regulations governing the process for grounds for approval or denial of and conditions to be imposed on issuance of outdoor fitness instruction permits, including the size and duration of classes and the specific locations and times of day for which permits will be issued for outdoor fitness and athletic instruction in city parks and on the beach. Permittees will be required to provide such insurance and indemnification of the city as are required by the regulations. The application and permit issuance fees for an outdoor fitness instruction permit may be established by resolution of the city council. (Ord. 16-1370 §5(B) (part), 2016; Ord. 13-1343 §1, 2013; prior code § 22-3.5. Formerly 12.28.040)

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