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A Special Message to City of Hermosa Beach Staff from Mayor Mary Campbell

Post Date:04/04/2020 10:00 AM

Unlike so many in our precious beach city, I feel both humbled and fortunate as the current Mayor to have an inside view of the extraordinary efforts of all our city staff as you have worked together on every level of our City’s response to this historic pandemic emergency. For this, and on behalf of our entire community, I offer my deepest and most sincere appreciation to each of you for every effort, action and decision, and for the critical roles that you are playing at this extraordinary moment in time.

I am personally aware and often able to observe firsthand how you have gone above and beyond, day after day after day, over this past month especially. It has spanned all hours of the day and night, yet it has been what is needed and required to mobilize on all the different levels. Many cities have far more staff that we do, yet we must act on every level as every other city during a time like this, to do what needs to be done – a steep climb on any given day.

You have delivered. You have been there for us – your Hermosa Beach family – while our lives have been turned upside down in the most extraordinary way. But, I also know that you all have families and loved ones of your own – kids at home who need schooling and supervision, partners who may have lost their jobs or become exposed to the virus for the essential work they do – responding to your own fatigue, fear, and stress as well as that of so many others that has been added to your plates. I know this and I see this.

I am also keenly aware that while some of your efforts are particularly visible out in the community, so many others are more behind the scenes and not widely visible to our residents. For me personally, this has been one of the huge gifts of my own public service role on the City Council. Specifically, that it has provided me a view of just how broad and complex the system of systems, people, processes, programs and tasks are to manage a city and its endless moving parts. Without all of it working together, our city and its residents would be impacted very directly and tangibly. And this is true even during more stable times.

Then, something unforeseen and more threatening happens. Thankfully it is rare. But, when it does everything changes, walls come down, and what is truly important rises quickly to the surface. For me, the heart and devotion of public service professionals is one of the biggest missed opportunities for our sheer gratitude and acknowledgement as residents and citizens. You are, too often, our very real unsung heroes. More bluntly, your efforts are too often taken for granted. I do not take any of it for granted. And, I feel blessed to be in a position to be one of your champions within our community – telling your stories, explaining the unseen efforts, shedding some light on the complexities, and conveying the enormity of the challenges you are bravely facing on our behalf. Thank you, thank you.

Of course, we are still in the middle of this. We definitely have some sort of civic “triathlon” yet to go. You are the front lines for nearly 20,000 people. You are our front line. Most will never see or know how extraordinary your efforts have been and will be on our behalf. I know you have our backs. Please know that we also have yours. We will stay focused and stay in this together, all the way through to the other side. We will rebuild all aspects of our beach town community life. We will do it together. We will also savor every moment of gratitude for how richly blessed we are to live in Hermosa Beach, California, for living through history, and for leaving this legacy moment to future generations of Hermosans. It’s so important that we stick together, and so we will do just that. You are definitely our heroes in the most tangible way. Thank you each. Thank you all.

With you,
Mary Campbell
Mayor of Hermosa Beach

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